John Thrasher strikes again

from Tampa Bay.coms gradebook

by Jeff Solochek

Florida teachers union decries new legislation as 'retribution'
Florida state Sen. John Thrasher, the Jacksonville Republican who sponsored last year's Senate Bill 6, filed a bill today that would ban payroll deductions that would be used for political activity, including contributions to candidates and tax-exempt organizations.

Employees would be able to request a refund of union dues used for political activity, unless that employee has specifically authorized such a use of the money. The bill also would prevent public employers from collecting dues of employee organizations from payroll.

The Florida Education Association quickly attacked the legislation.

"These actions are nothing more than retribution directed at FEA and other labor organizations for using our democratic right to support or oppose legislation in Florida, particularly last year’s SB 6," FEA president Andy Ford said in a release. "Of course, we will oppose this measure, which is aimed at silencing our members and punishing them for opposing proposals supported by legislative leaders."


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